CatchChallenger project

This game is a independent MMORPG, Lan game and a single player game. You have fight, farming, explore, crafting, trading, commerce, management, competition... and you are free to play in your style.

It's a pixel art game and old school game. The work is concentrated on the gameplay, creativity, performance and self hosting. The income is to paid the development and the artwork. The game is fully open source (GPL3).

The game don't have realtime part. That's give advantage on 3G/wifi connexion or into the tiers world. You can play Player vs Player, Team vs Team, your team can own city and clan hall.


This version 0.7 is the last beta.
Most work is done (include hight performance with epoll), the time is at the stabilisation. The security (mirror corruption detection, public key registration), ressources usages (bandwith, cpu/memory/db on server), anonymity, have been improved. The last feature for this release have been implemented like day/night cycle.
The game content into the datapack have been improved as the datapack explorer on the site. Objects on the maps, quests, ...
The infrastructure to host the project (multiple server and databases with replication into the world) is setup. Included multiple benchmark server to track the performance regression over each git commit.
The project is commercial and professionnal, but remain open source. Then need fund to grow faster, the Ultimate version is sell in multiple way (bitcoin, nextcoin, paypal on multiple system).
The project need:

Against the other MMORPG: